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I’m an assistant Manager at a movie theater and had two employees working this particular day. One of my employees was running the box office while I watched. A woman and her daughter came in. She got tickets for her and her daughter for a movie that just came out. The employee had told her her total and she started to freak out.
Customer: How much was it?
Employee: $18…it’s $9.25 for you and $8.75 for your daughter.
Customer: well your website said that 2 – 11 year olds are $8.75.
Employee: Right…that’s why I charged you $8.75 for her ticket.
Customer: Well she’s 13.
Employee: Ok, well that’s fine. You guys can just go up to your theater.
Customer: No. I don’t want the discount. Is there anyway I can pay the difference?
At this point I intervene.
Me: Not really. The computer isn’t designed to do that.
Customer: Can you just refund me the tickets and then I’ll pay for the adult one?
Me: *slightly confused as to why this is a problem in the first place* sure…
(Hands me the ticket stubs)
I’m just going to refund the child ticket and leave yours alone.
Customer: Works for me.
Me: *hands her the refund* Here’s $8.75.
(Now ringing up the ticket)
Your total is $9.25.
Customer: *hands back the $8.75 and her debit card* Just put the rest on the card.
I handed her back the card and her and her daughter were on their way to their theater. She complained about not paying 50 cents. Once she was gone the three of us looked at each other to try and figure out if that really just happened.

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