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, | Unfiltered | September 15, 2021

It is the 1980s and I am a 20 year old female. I am on both birth control and pain medication for a cronic condition, I later find out that the pain medication interferes with the birth control and makes it ineffective. Due to this I become pregnant right after me and my husband get married. The pregnancy is an absolute nightmare and towards the end I am worried if I am going to make it out alive. But, despite all this the birth goes fairly smoothly and I give birth to a healthy baby girl. I decide after I give birth that I would like to have my tubes tied to prevent this from happening again. My doctor is an older white man who is Catholic. When I tell him what I what and why I want it he immediately denies me the procedure, saying that I am too young, I will want to have more babies, and I am selfish for denying my husband another child, specifically denying him a son. I am an absolute wreck as I leave the office. Over the next 5 years I become pregnant 3 more times, two ending in horrible miscarriages that trigger horrible depression. I am nearly unable to take care of my child due to this. The last of those three pregnancies is just as horrible as the first one, but I finally give birth to my son. I decide after all these nightmarish pregnancies that I will try to get the operation done again. I see a different doctor due to my main doctor being out sick. She is a younger woman and immediately approves the operation after I tell her about my 4 awful pregnancies. I am incredibly relieved. She also looks over my chart and sees that my pain medication is a very common one that interferes with birth control. I am given a different type of birth control and got the tubal ligation shortly after.

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