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(So the gas station I work for is pretty small so I’m able to watch over the pumps & customers closely. Sometimes cars just like to hang out at the pumps if it’s not busy I’ll let them be, if it is I’ll politely ask them to move to one of the parking spaces)

*Not so busy day a customer pulls up to one of the pumps & sits in the car. Another customer pulls up behind them. Eventually the customer behinds them moves to a different pump.

Customer: “You just let people sit there & not pump any gas?”

Me: “Well ma’am, there are other pumps that are a available for you to use. I didn’t ask them to leave because it’s not very busy” (it’s possible their car could’ve broken down)

Customer: “But I prefer to use that one, I use it all the time when I come here. This is ridiculous”

(At this point she’s made herself mad because she decided to wait & starts pumping her gas. A couple minute pass by & it starts getting busier & cars are waiting. She finishes up her gas & decides she wants to give me a piece of her mind.)

Customer: “You see, it’s busy now aren’t you gonna ask them to move?”

Me: “I was just about to do that.”

*another customer pulls up behind her while she’s still ranting & I go outside & politely tell her

“Ma’am can you move your car already there’s people waiting behind you.” LOL

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