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(I have always been picky about my name. It’s one of those names that aren’t really gender neutral but they do have two versions for female and male. Like Gabriel and Gabriella. I had the misfortune to be misgendered by my brother {My brother technically named me.} and the doctor. They thought I was going to be a boy but I ended up to be a girl. So to keep my brother from crying they spelled my name the girls’ way while it is said the boys’ way. This leads to my story. I had this one bully that would constantly call me by how my name is written rather than how it is said. I was very polite to her about the matter but she just didn’t care. Honestly, it didn’t really bug me that much. Anyway, on the second to last day of school I just snapped.)(Note: I’m a good 2 feet taller than them and I’m one of the calmest kids in my class.)

Bully: (Sittin in her seat with a smirk.) “Hi (Not my name). How was your day?”

Me: (About to lose it.) “(Bully), You know how to say my name.”

Bully: (Biggest smirk I’ve ever seen.) “I know what your name is. Do you?”

(At that point I completely lose it. I bang my hands onto her desk and tower over her with a death glare. It was so surprising that I heard a few kids fall over in their chairs.)

Me: “Say my name right or don’t say it at all (Bully).”

(I left her desk and sat down in my own which was two seats in front of her. The rest of the class was silent. I probably scared them all. She didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day and even though the next day.)

(This all happened about 4 years ago. I don’t regret it at all. Moral of the story? The quietest people are the worst to have on their bad side. Be careful.)

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