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(I am going for an internal ultrasound (where they put the wand up in your lady area) as a follow up. A year ago I saw the same technician, an older lady, and I have had surgery since.)

Technician: So did you turn out to have (disease I was investigated for)?
Me: Yes, I did. I had surgery in September last year.
Technician: Did it help?
Me: Definitely, a lot.
Technician: Are you on birth control now?
Me: I can’t stand the side-effects, unfortunately.
Technician: You’ll need to go on birth control to prevent it from recurring. The surgery gets less effective each time you do it.
Me: I know that. Unfortunately the side effects are just too severe. (My gynecologist) is recommending artificial menopause.
Technician: You could have a baby. Are you going to have a baby?
Me: No, not right now. I’m too sick to work right now, so I wouldn’t be a good parent.
Technician: How old are you?
Me: 21.
Technician: Oh. I guess I can’t even pretend you’re getting too old, huh.
Me: Not a chance.
Technician: Have you tried the implants?
Me: Yes, I bled for 9 months before I had it removed.
Technician: You should try an IUD!
Me: It’s an option, but I have to balance all my different health needs. I know it would be good for the endometriosis.

(An IUD is a birth control implant that goes directly in your uterus. Since I had such a bad experience with hormone implants in the past, my gynecologist has recommended against it, because IUDs are not easy to remove. The technician continues her exam, which is very uncomfortable, and finishes up.)

Technician: Well, you should get that IUD or have a baby. Surgery won’t always work to fix your endometriosis, you know. I’ll send your documents through to (my gyne) within a week or so.

(My chances of successfully ever having a baby are about 10% thanks to my medical issues, and I wish I could take birth control for my health, but I can’t. So thanks for your insensitive pushing, ultrasound technician!)

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