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, | Unfiltered | September 1, 2021

Like any fan I follow celebrities I like such as Barry Manilow, Robert Downey Jr, and YouTuber Brad Mondo on things like Instagram and Twitter. I found on Instagram I often get followed by people pretending to be celebrities such as a user who called themselves “HughJackmanPrivateWorld” but I tend to always get people pretending to be the first three sending me Direct Messages. (Though I have been followed by the aforementioned fake Hugh and even a fake William Shatner.)

Every single one is worded exactly the same. “Thank you for being my fan. God bless you for being my fan. You are a very beautiful woman. Are you single?”

Nevermind that –

Barry Manilow, married to his manager.

Robert Downey Jr, also happily married.

Brad Mondo, single but also gay and not ashamed of it (nor should he be).

If you’re going to impersonate a celebrity online to hit on a woman, at least make is someone single and either a lesbian or a known straight or bi/pan male.

Also, Instagram is TERRIBLE about removing fake accounts. Every single time I have to either contact a manager of the celebrity in question or in the case of Brad Mondo, contact him directly, to get anything done. Otherwise the fake accounts are around for MONTHS before anything is done.

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