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Earlier this summer, I went to [COFFEE SHOP!!!] with a friend. The shop is not crowded and we are the only people ordering coffee at the moment. We place our order with Cashier and Barista makes our drinks.

My friend gets her blended drink just fine. I ordered a large, hot drink. The barista puts down a small, iced coffee instead.

Me: This isn’t what I ordered. I asked for a large, hot white mocha. This is a small, iced mocha.

Barista: No one asks for hot coffee on a day like today.

Me: I don’t like iced coffee. I want the drink I ordered.

Barista makes a large blended drink. She tries to hand it to me.

Me: This is not what I ordered. I want my drink.

Barista: I made you the large, you need to take your drink and leave. I am not making it again.

Friend: We should just go. It’s close enough.

The Barista is glaring at me across the counter.

Me: I want my hot white mocha. I don’t like blended drinks.

Barista: I am not remaking your drink.

I ask to speak to a manager.

The manager makes the coffee how I order it, telling me he is very sorry this happened.

We haven’t been back.

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