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I was doing my usual practice of giving my girlfriend goosebumps as she finds the resulting tingling sensation quite soothing.
In an effort to heighten the sensuality of the scene, I start describing the technique of how I get my results. Toward the end of that description, and after a few loving pecks on the cheek:

Me: And that, my dear, is called nerd hot-talk.

Girlfriend: …What?

Me: ….Nerd hot-talk.

Girlfriend: ….Sorry, can you say that again?

Me: …..Nerd Hot Talk.

Girlfriend: OOOOOHHHH, that makes more sense. That’s not what I heard.

Me: …… You heard nerd hot-dog didn’t you?

Girlfriend: You know it.

After a bit of laughter,

Girlfriend: Darling, I love your nerd hot dog.

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