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, | Unfiltered | August 30, 2021

I used to live very close to my school, just about 2 min walking distance. This took place around my final year, so people in my grade were ~19 years old. There was a very small, mousey boy at my school who was just in 7th grade (~13 years) but thought he was smarter and therefore more important than everyone else.
It was common that a lot of people would go to school by bike and the bike stands were somewhat crammed, but there was usually still a little free space left. Now, this boy had the habit to park his bike behind the one of this guy from my English class, a 6’10” heavy-weight boxer, and thereby blocking it. The boxer was normally very friendly and peaceful, but the little boy somehow got a kick out of annoying the life out of him.
This took place after an English class where my class had a lunch break while the little boy’s class didn’t. We all went towards the bike stands to go get lunch (there was no school cafeteria).
Boxer: F***! This f***ing a****** parked his bike behind mine AGAIN! I’m so SICK of having to move it EVERY F***ING time! I told him SO MANY times now to f***ing put it JUST OVER THERE (he points to a completely empty space about 6″ away) but he just HAS TO block mine because WHO KNOWS WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON IN HIS F***ING LITTLE HEAD!
It looks like he is about to start tearing the boy’s bike apart with his bare hands, but his friends calm him down somewhat. He lifts the boy’s bike to put it out of the way, then suddenly an evil grin spreads over his face. He takes the bike to a nearby tree and starts climbing, carrying the bike on his shoulder. When he’s at about 30″ heigth, he carefully places the bike between the branches, then climbs back down. About an hour later, I could hear the little boy’s furious yet desperate screams from my home. Someone eventually got his bike back down for him. He never parked it behind the boxer’s again.

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