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Alright, so there was this fifth grader with Aspergers who I knew. And his grandmother died from cancer. So the fifth grader and his family went to go mourn her and pack up her stuff for the next few weeks. So when he gets BACK, the fifth graders teachers start going a bit easier on the fifth grader. Except his social studies teacher, who starts actively singling him out and pelting him with more stuff. So the kid tells his mom about this and then on the next meeting she has with his teacher, she just busts in uninvited. Then this crazy ass lady breaks down, starts crying in the meeting, and says that her daughter died from cancer so she has a lot of emotional baggage going on. Then, she tells the kid’s mom to tell the kid to apologize to HER for making her follow the kid’s IEP. Which, by the way, is the fucking teacher’s responsibility to follow. Oho, but that’s not all! The next year, after a meeting, the kid’s mom says he has to do Spanish 7/8 in high school instead. But he can’t get out of spanish and he knows he’s going to fail. And his mom told him to use a translator, so now neither of them care because that’s just like using a calculator. So, he just starts slacking off in class, reading books, browsing TV Tropes, etc. to the point his grade plummets to a whopping 16. Not like he cares. He can just do it in high school. But the teacher decides to single him out and pelt him with more work. And THEN, the spanish teacher directly violates the kid’s IEP by putting him out in the hallway. Oh, and by the way, the kid is black and both the teachers were white.

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