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(My father sees a missed call on his phone from a number he doesn’t know. On the off chance that it might be important, he calls back to reach the number of an unknown man.)
Father: Hello, you called this number a short while ago. Who is this?
Man: I want to speak to my daughter (Daughter).
Father: I’m sorry you have the wrong number.
(He hangs up and thinks this is the end of it. Wrong. The man calls back again.)
Father: You have the wrong number.
Man: I am calling the number with the last digits four thousand and one. That is your number.
Father: My number ends with four thousand so you just need to type ‘4-0-0-1’ instead of ‘4-0-0-0’.
Man: Don’t be absurd that would make it four hundred and one. Don’t try to teach me math.
(Note that when you dial ten digits the telephone will automatically call the number. After several minutes attempting to explain this and the man’s insistence that my father doesn’t know math, he gives up.)
Father: Maybe you should ask someone who knows math?
(When telling us this incident my father is still just so amazed that some people with this level of stupidity still exist.)

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