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Me and my two friends were walking home from visiting 7-11. On our way we see two kids less than 6 in a toyc ar driving into the street. A car comes by nearly hitting the kids and we yell for them to get out of the way.

Mother: (Comes out of the garage) Dont ever to that again!

Me: what?

Mother: (very pissed) Why were you scaring my kids?

*the kids were looking confused and not scared.

My friend: A car nearly hit them so we yelled.


*Note the signs are 2 feet tall, faded, eith unreadable text and one was hiding behind a car.

Me: We were-

Mother: Im going to do worse to you if I ever see you again. Im 35 and have been living here since 1990 and I would know more than you!

We just walked away with her using very vulgar words and yelling. Later I saw the two kids playing alone and unattended.

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