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My partner and I have gone to a cafe for some food. I get up to go to the toilet and see a lady drinking out of a carton that’s not from the cafe (it’s obviously not been bought there as they don’t sell cartons of milk) . I mention it to my partner before leaving to go toilet.

Coming back I sit down in front of him and he laughs showing me something on his phone. I laugh at it as it was a meme and funny when the lady starts talking.

Lady: Don’t take photos of me.

we look at her confused as the phone was angled downward as well as the camera hidden by our two drink cans, my partner moves so she can see the screen and it’s still on the meme.

Me: (smiling trying to defuse the situation) See it’s not-

Lady:”I know you’re taking photos of me! You’ve been taking photos of me.

Me: We’ve not been taking photos of you.

People are starting to glance up and look at her and I now, I’m starting to feel embarrassed at the attention.

Lady: Racist B****

I’m shocked and starting to get annoyed when my partner shakes his head at me.

Partner: it’s not worth it, she’s obviously paranoid.

I sigh, annoyed and wanting to defend myself but knowing he’s right. Out of the corner of my eye I see her hiding herself from people, covering herself.

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