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(It’s Memorial Day, which means the store has a ton of sales going on, and it’s super busy. I’m working on putting back returned items, so that the cashiers aren’t overwhelmed. I’m currently in the scrapbooking section when someone stops me.)
Customer: Ma’am, is there a sale going on for paper?
(I look next to her. There’s a very colorful and obvious sign advertising half-off the stacks of paper surrounding us.)
Me: ….yes, there is.
Customer: Oh, okay. Can you cut my fabric for me, too? There’s a line and I’m really in a rush.
Me: I unfortunately can’t, even if I have the supplies to do it I’d have to do it at the cut bar and I’d have to take customers in order.
Customer: This is outrageous! I’ll never come here agaIn!
(She wanders off. I shrugged and went back to work.)

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