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At my store we only carry Advil products.

I am coming back from break and see a new coworker looking frazzled and being surrounded by two mothers and two daughters. I immediately walk over to help her

Me: What’s the problem here?

Mother #1: I don’t know if you know this but kids with kidney damage cannot take Advil products.

Me: Oh sorry about that

Mother #1: I want to make an official complaint. How inconsiderate of you guys! My daughter has had a headache all day and cannot take your medicine

Mother #2: [Mother #1] I have some in the car

Mother #2: No you shouldn’t have to walk to the car, they should carry it. Do you know any store that carries it?

Me: Let me call guest service

Guest services says no and Mother #1 wants to talk to them personally, tapping her fingers on the counter. I feel that would be counter intuitive and don’t want to subject guest services to someone yelling at them for something out of their control.

Mother #1: Can I talk to the manager of the mall?

Me: *holding back a laugh* Unfortunatly I don’t have their direct number.

They ended up walking back to the car but not before Mother #1 finishing her rant.

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