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My grandmother died before my sister and I were born. My mother was a young adult back then. A few years after my grandmother died, my grandfather got a new partner.
That time my parents lived with us, in my grandfather’s house. My parents paid rent for the ground floor flat to my grandpa, who lived upstairs.
After sometime, he decided all the paper work got to difficult for him and my parents agreed to posess the house and pay the mortgage and my grandfather pays rent for his flat.

For some time, this agreement works well. But as soon as the new partner moves in the rent stops and my grandpa explains, that he actually build the house and so it his house. He and his new partner needed more money to live. So he won’t pay rent for his own house.

For years, my parents struggled to pay the high mortgage until they finally, tell my grandfather, that he should pay his rent, repossess the house or the house will be sold and a smaller house will be bought/build.
After many quarrels and discussions, it is agreed to sell the house and build a small one.
My parents told to grandpa, if grandpa wants to move into the new house, he needs pay his flat from his share of the house selling or to sign a renting contract.

Unfortunately, during the construction the building company went bankrupt.
The savings from selling the old house had to be invested and a new credit had to be taken, as my grandfather didn’t want to pay for his flat.
For a few years we lived okay, even though it was not easy to pay the credit for my parents butvas long my grandfather paid his rent it was okay.

One day my mother and I came home and there was a message on our answering machine from my grandfather’s partner.
She forgot to put down the receiver and we could hear her bathmouthing about my family to her friend :” I am just wasting my time living with his dork! He even pays for his flat to his daughter… Yes, she is working but she is really stupid. The government just gave her an office job out of pitty. And the children!! They are as stupid as the parents. And so ugly! If he will not give me more money. I will move out! ”
We were in shocked and we confronted her about it, but she just laughed into our faces.
The next month the payments stopped and my parents had a huge quarrel with my grandfather and his partner.
The house had to be sold for a very bad price because of various reasons.
After years, my parents till payed a part of the credit off.
My grandfather moved to his own flat with his partner.

A few years later my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer. The next day his partner ran off to a 10 years old younger guy.
My grandfather moved in with us and my mother cared for him for a year, until his condition became much more worse and he moved to a nursery home.
After 28 years of relationship with my grandfather, the “lady” even didn’t bothered to visit him once until he passed away.

This “lady” not only spend all my grandpas savings, which could have helped us to pay the nursery home but she also took many things, which belonged to my grandmother.
So my mother doesn’t even have a small memory of her mother.

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