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(My year of birth was put down as 30 years earlier in error at a GP surgery prior to my move into London, this was enough to get arrangements for healthcare for women in their late forties and fifties when I was in my mid-twenties. After I moved into London, I got a letter inviting me for a mammary scan. After flagging this with my GP yielded nothing, I called the hospital number provided on the letter)
Receptionist: [Hospital] breast clinic.
Me: Hi, I got a letter about a mammary scan.
Receptionist: Ok, can I confirm your name and date of birth?
Me: My GP in [previous residence] entered my year of birth as but it’s actually [correct year] and I think my being on your system is a hiccup from that. I’m not in my forties yet. In fact, that year is older than my parents.
Receptionist: Ok, can I confirm your name just to note that on my system please?
(I give my name and he finds it)
Receptionist: Ok [my name] I’ve noted that on the system, I’m sorry that you’ve been dealing with that.
Me: I’m sorry to have taken your time from arranging lifesaving appointments over a mistake miles away. Thank you.

(The NHS hasn’t sent anything on the wrong year of birth since.)

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