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(I have PE with a teacher who is always grouchy and only shows up half the time, if that. The substitutes are worse than he is, but he seems especially focused on me for some reason. On the first day, I have an asthma attack from running:)

Me: *gasping* “Can I go get my inhaler? I have asthma.”

Teacher: *disdainful* “Already?! You’ve barely started exercising! Can you wait?”

(It’s not life or death, so I tell him I can wait. I never end up getting the inhaler and I’m uncomfortable and not breathing well throughout the day. He seems to dislike me more after that incident, and I never ask to get my inhaler again. There’s no good place to keep it in the gym, but I resort to putting it in my jacket pocket on the floor after that, and secretly using it when necessary. Another time, this happens:)

Teacher: “[My name]! Stop standing around and play the game!”

(I’m admittedly standing around, but with three other girls who are doing the exact same thing; he ignores them. Another time:)

Teacher: “[My name], you haven’t done anything this class. Shoot some baskets at least!”

(Again, I’m doing the same thing as three other girls, but he never says anything to them. Another time, we’re doing a sprinting test, and we have to start in a certain position:)

Teacher: “[My name], you’re doing it wrong. Bend over more.”

(I did the sprint, but he didn’t like the way I turned so he made me start over. I had started in the exact same position as the majority of other students, but he’d said nothing to them. I’m near tears because the attention is all on me.

His apparent dislike for me continued through the year whenever he actually showed up for class, and he continued to single me out for not participating and completely ignoring the others who were doing the same. I managed to get an A in the class, largely due to the substitutes being more lenient. I really should have been excused from the class because of the asthma preventing much participation, but I got through it.)

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