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(My local grocery store was having a case lot sale, so it was rather crowded when I arrived. I decided to grab an open spot on the far side of the parking lot, figuring that it wouldn’t be that much work to push a cart out all that way.

After I got out and started towards the store, a car pulled into the lane behind me and slowed down. I figured they didn’t feel like they had enough room to pass, so I stepped to the side. However, they kept creeping along behind me. It dawned on me that they might be trying to follow me back to my car, so I turned, catching the eye of the driver, and tried to pantomime that I was walking to the store, not my car.

His response was to lay on his horn several times, and start gesturing wildly with his hands. So, I moved between the cars next to me and started walking down between the two rows of parked cars. They kept following, with occasional horn honks.

Finally, we got to the end of the row, and I quickly hurried across to the front doors. Behind me, the car swerved and they rolled down the window.)

Driver: F*** YOU A**HOLE!

(They then peeled out down the next lane. Gladly, I didn’t see them in the store or when I headed out, but really, who sees someone walking empty-handed towards a store, and assumes they must be returning to their car?)

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