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, | Unfiltered | August 13, 2021

This took place in 2004 but I remember it like it happened yesterday. I had been saving up money (I was on a tight budget) to buy a “Best of” album of Marilyn Manson that came out a few months before. I was 32 years old, dressed casually and I almost never wear makeup. I pick up the cd and go to the cashier to pay and after handing me the receipt, the cashier asks if I want it gift wrapped. It’s around Christmas, they ask every one!

Me: “No thanks, I bought it for myself.”

Cashier: *Looks at me with disgust* “Do you really listen to that kind of music? I don’t understand how anyone can listen to this crap?”

Me: “I listen to many different music genres. Please give me my cd so I can leave!”

Cashier: *puts cd in a bag and puts it on the counter to avoid giving the bag to me directly.*

Me: “Next time I want to buy a cd, I will go elsewhere”

I never went back to that music store and less than two years later, I saw that the store had closed.

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