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I just recently brought my grandmother’s house. She has recently moved into an assistant living house and I am trying to become a new customer or transfer the existing account into my name from the cable company. My grandmother has basic TV and High Speed Internet. However, the name on the account is in my grandfather’s name, who died over 10 years ago. My grandmother never bothered to update the name as she just paid the bills. I call the company and they said that I can come into my local office with my deed and the top box for the TV (as I don’t watch TV) so they can transfer everything into my name. I wait in line for 10 minutes and finally get to the front.

Employee: Hi, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I just recently brought my grandmother’s house and was told on the phone that I could transfer her account into my name.

Employee: Well, we can’t do that. You will have to create a new account.

Me: That’s fine. I don’t care as long as my name is on it. The address is [house address].

Employee: Ok, so I see here the account name is under [grandfather’s name]. Where are they moving too?

Me: My grandmother is in an assistant living house. So she is not transferring the service.

Employee: How about [grandfather’s name]?

Me: He died about 10 years ago. My grandmother never took him off the account.

Employee: OK, so before we can do that we will need a copy of [grandfather’s name] death certificate.

Me: That is fine. I’ll get my mother to drop it off later on. I would still like to open a new account on this property.

Employee: I’m sorry but until we get the death certificate I can not close the account.

Me: That is fine. I don’t care about their account. I’m the owner of the property. I have my deed right here that shows I brought the property. I don’t care about their account. I just want a new account.

Employee: *repeating the same thing*

Me: Let me see your supervisor.

I speak to the supervisor and they are just as unhelpful. I leave with nothing done. However, I get to my house and notice the internet and TV is out. I open the mobile app and log into my grandmother’s account. The account was closed. I call my mother and she spends the half the day looking for my grandfather’s death certificate. My mother and I take my grandmother up to the same place the next day and spend less than 5 minutes getting everything together. The other employee, who turned out to be the District Manager, asked why everyone was here when I can do it myself. I explained to him what happened and he said they were getting a number of complaints yesterday from the same people. I don’t think anything happened to them as I have seen them still there so I started to go to the other office that is up north and 10 more minutes away from my house.

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