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I’m training a group of new recruits. I grew up in a working-class town renowned for dry humour and sarcasm. Even though I’ve lived in this city most of my life, I still have a twang of accent that marks me as a non-native. These two things combined mean I’m generally considered funny and entertaining when I train people.

One of the new recruits has already taken offence at my being sarcastic. Not at her specifically, just in general, as she considers it disrespectful. All the other recruits have laughed when I pointed out that in my home town, “sarcasm” is another word for “breathing”.

We’re filling in the paperwork, lots of legalese. I thus get to explaining what the words mean in layman’s terms.

Me: “Now, this says you’re going to turn up on time, every day, and do what you are told, with a…”

Newbie: “OH HELL NO!” *slams down pen* “I’m going to speak to [recruiter] about this!”

The newbie then storms straight out the office much to the shock of everyone.

Me: “OK, now that the drama-llamas have left the building, let’s carry on!” *cue laughter*

I was later told by [recruiter] that the newbie tried to call in to have another stab at starting with us. [recruiter] told the newbie in no uncertain terms that they would have to apologise to me before starting.
I never heard from the newbie again!

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