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It is time for me to get some periodic medical lab work, so I called the clinic to make an appointment.

Me: “I have a prescription for some lab work, can I come in on [date]?

Clinic person: “Sure, how about [date] and [time], but you can come in any time earlier than [time], on that day. All our lab work appointments are walk-in.

Me: Looks good to me. See you then!

A day before the appointment, I called the clinic again, just to make sure …

Me: “I have a lab appointment tomorrow, at [time]. Would it be OK to come in early and be seen then?

Clinic Person: “Yes, that would be OK”

The day of the appointment, I arrived at the clinic a couple of hours early, and checked in …

Clinic Person: “OK, I have started the check-in process”.

45 minutes go by …

Me: “How much longer before I will be seen?

Clinic Person: “Your appointment is at [time], so you have about an hour to go.”

Me: “But, somebody told me I could come in early and be seen early!”

Clinic Person: “No, all our lab appointments are real appoinments, and yours is at [time], but I will see what I can do …

15 more minutes go by (about an hour so far) …

Clinic Person: “The lab tech can see you now, but remember, for next time, all our lab work is by appointment only!”

So, either there was a complete misunderstanding on all our parts, or the clinic thinks arriving a couple of hours early for lab work is standard practice, or the appointment clerk and desk clerks did not communicate.

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