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My Grandma has always been known to be “always right”. In this scenario, we’re going to a popular fast food restaurant that’s more so known for its ice cream. For some reason, the restaurant is temporarily closed.

On the restaurant’s sign’s digital screen, it reads “temp closed”. I notice this, but don’t overly clue in to it, until I see the barricades across the driveway into the parking lot.

I inform my Grandma that it’s temporarily closed, but she doesn’t believe me. She asks, “Where do you see that?”

I tell her that it says so on the big sign. She still doesn’t believe me, so, while we’re pulled up out front of the restaurant, she proceeds to get out of the car to see the huge sign with the large digital letters that read “temp closed”. While she’s doing this, I notice the employees are still inside, doing whatever they’re doing, while they’re “temporarily closed”.

Once Grandma gets back inside the car, she says, “I see people in there.”

I tell her, “I think those are just the employees.” I end up repeating myself, after she doesn’t believe me the first time; this time, stating that they’re all wearing the same hats (for their uniform).

After she finally clues in/believes me that they’re closed, she says, “I hope they didn’t get robbed!”

I have it in me to say, “If they were robbed, I’m pretty sure police cars would be there…” But, to hold the peace, I decide to hold back on my comment.

Oh, Grandma… I love you, but sometimes, you have to realize that when someone explains the truth to you, you need to listen!

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