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I’m driving a friend home in the evening and I accidentally ran a red light. (It was a short yellow light considering the speed limit in that area, and I thought it was going to last longer. Still my fault though.) I immediately get pulled over.

Officer: *very friendly sounding* Do you know why I pulled you over?
Me: Yes! That light. I’m so sorry. I thought the yellow was going to last longer.
Officer: Yeah, you just went right through it, and everyone’s pointing at you like “Did you see? GET HER!”
Me: *nervous laugh* I know! I’m really sorry. *I go to hand him my license, registration, and insurance*
Officer: Whoa, whoa! I don’t need all that. Just your license.
Me: OK.

He goes back to his car to run my license, but there’s nothing to find. When he comes back

Officer: *in a fake stern-sounding voice* [MY NAME]…
Me: *bracing for the ticket*…yes?
Officer: *drops the voice* It’s just a warning. *hands it to me along with my license*
Me: *relieved* Oh, thank you so much.
Officer: Who’s the best cop ever?
Me and my friend: You are!
Officer: Have a nice night!

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