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I am the customer here, it’s very late and I just got called in to drive one of our employees to the airport so that they can take an emergency flight to a job site out of state. I met him at our office and we left in a company car so that I could be reimbursed for my time and not waste my own gas. On my way back from the airport I was asked to bring home food. I stop at an a 24 hour fast food place and this interaction happens.

Cashier: “wow, your car is the same color as that car over there.” I look over and there is a green sedan parked just on the other side of the drive through lane.

Me: What? No it’s not… My car is Gold… I Drive a gold car.

Cashier: Really? *looking very confused as he hands over the food.*

Me: yeah dude… My car is Gold. Thanks though, have a good night.
I see the cashier shake his head, looking very confused, as I drive away. About 10 minutes later I reach down to change the radio station and I realize… I’m not in my car, I’m in the company car; A GREEN sedan identical to the car he pointed out earlier.