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, | Unfiltered | August 3, 2021

(At this point, I’m 14 and my parents and I do not have any public pictures of ourselves online. My mother is actually my stepmother. Also, she has cut ties with her family since she was 18 and changed her name. Only one friend from her old life is still in contact with her. I’m answering the doorbell.)

Woman: I didn’t know there was a kid here.
Me: Okay, who are you and why are you here?
Woman: I’m looking for my sister [mother’s birth name]. Are you her kid? You must look like daddy then.
Me: Sorry, I don’t know who [mother’s birth name] is, you have the wrong place. I absolutely do look like my mother.
Woman: How about [my mother’s current name]? I guess you don’t know her real name, then.
Me: That isn’t my mother. Please leave. I’m just a kid and can’t help you find your sister. *shuts door*

After I tell my mother about this, she is furious. After digging, we found out my aunt must have been poking through that one old friend’s logged in account when she stepped away, recognized my mother’s private picture and found our address, which is also 2 states away. That is exactly the reason she cut ties with her family because they all did this crap. That old friend is no longer friends with my aunt. My mother changed her name again and we all moved again.

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