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I’m a disability support worker and I’m driving a client to the shops to help pay his bills and get lunch. I’ve just parked the vehicle in the last remaining disability spot and I’m barely out of the car when a middle aged woman and her mother stopped right in front of the vehicle with their windows down.

Woman: ‘Excuse me! Do you have the card?’
Me: *halfway hanging out the door* ‘Sorry?’
Mother: ‘Do you have the card?’
Assuming they meant the disability card, and with the blatant rudeness, I silently pointed out the card displayed clearly on the windscreen as I closed my door. I started to walk towards the passenger side to help my client out.
Mother: ‘Well, do you NEED to park there?’
Me: *Unapologetically and monotonal* ‘I’m with a client’.
The women finally noticed the client in the passenger seat, made a face at each other and drove off without a word.

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