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A few years ago, I have lent a laptop to my friend who, let’s just say, isn’t known for making very good decisions. This time, he let a guy stay overnight in his room, someone he barely knew. The next morning, he calls me, all spooked up — the guy is gone, and so is my laptop. It was an old machine, but I’m pretty peeved all the same. We go to the police, but I don’t think it very likely they would be able to do something about it.

Then, suddenly, my friend gets a call from the local game store. Apparently, the guy stole not just my laptop but also several Magic: the Gathering decks my friend has built. And he just SO happened to try and sell the cards in a store my friend frequents.

The people at the store recognized the decks as belonging to my friend and became suspicious. Long story short, when we got into the store, the police was already involved and the guy was apprehended. He denied knowing anything about my laptop, but the police found it in a bazaar close to the game store.

Sadly, as we found out later, this whole thing was just a fairly insignificant problem compared to other things this guy did — he apparently extorted lots of money from a young man with mental problems as well.

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