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I am a female martial artist, i have been practicing since i was a child and am now in my mid 20’s. I teach a class which is open to everyone, adults, children and families. one thing you should understand is that though i teach i also still train and compete at an international level.

One day i get a boy and his father come to try out one of my classes. All goes well until we come to the sparring aspect of the class. sparring is controlled fighting where the students get to try out all the techniques and combinations against each other.

As the class line up i hear the father remark to the child that “women cant fight, she cant teach something she cant do!”. I promptly get another another of my black belts to take control of the sparring, put my gear on and teach the father a thing about girl fighters.

Lesson…Girls do spar and will kick your arse to ensure you remember. I now have 2 very respectful students that are happy being taught by a woman and are well on their way to their black belt with a much improved attitude.

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