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My dad works as a CNC/laser technician, and his job includes making sure that the machines in his area (big cutting machines that cut through metal/steel with ease) are working properly, he moves different heavy parts from A to B, cut smaller objects and so on. One day when he was cutting through some metal, the EXTREMELY sharp saw blade cut through his worker glove.

Dad: “Ooooh s***.”

He carefully removes his glove to see if the blade went through his finger, he couldn’t feel a thing due to the adrenaline he received. When the glove was removed, blood started spewing out from his index finger.

Dad: “[Spanish swear word], f***”

He quickly goes to the cleaning area and rinses off his hand with cold water, then applies HAND SANITIZER to his open wound, and that definitely made the adrenaline go away. He kept swearing in Spanish, Swedish, and English as he used some paper to put pressure on his wound. Once he calmed down, he shut off the machine he was using and went to the nearest coworker that was in a different area.

Dad: “Hey [Coworker], can you tell the boss that I’m finishing early today? I cut my finger.”
Coworker: “Oh my god, you’re bleeding! Holy s***! [Dad], you need help to the emergency!?”
Dad: “No no I’m good, I’m just gonna use my bike.”
Coworker: “Your bicycle? That’s REALLY not a good idea! Dude it’s fine, I can take you there in my car!”
Dad: “Naah Nah, I’m good. Just let the boss know, okay?”

He did let the boss know, and he offered to drive him to the ER with the company car, but he again declined the offer, hopped on his bike, and just went there himself. He ended up with 3-4 stitches.

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