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(I’m talking to my brother on the phone, helping him get logged in to our family’s Amazon account so that he can order textbooks while he’s at college and I’m at home. I’ve sent him messages related to an upcoming fighting video game we’re both looking forward to and am waiting for him to find time to read them.)

Me: So once you order your textbooks and read my messages, can we talk over Facebook about the game? I have some thoughts I’ve been wanting to get out.

Brother: I don’t know… My phone’s running dead, I’ve been using it a lot today.

Me: …What are you using to order your textbooks?

(Our phones can’t use Wi-Fi or data while being talked on and he’s been doing things while we talk.)

Brother: One of the computer lab computers.

(An unreasonably long amount of time passes.)

Brother: OH! I guess I can just log onto Facebook on here.

Me: Uh-huh.

Brother: Okay! Sure!

(And I thought these things only happened on TV…)

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