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It’s the Christmas/New Year’s break, and I’ve returned to my parents’ house from university. I’m resting comfortably. It’s been snowing outside, but it doesn’t look too bad.

My parents have an outdoor hot tub that they used year-round, and during the winter they put a little gazebo-tent over it to keep the snow off your head. My father calls me from work, saying it’s been snowing harder than we realized, and wanted me to sweep the snow off the tent so it didn’t break.

A few minutes later, I have to phone him back and tell him he perhaps should have called me an hour earlier, because it was too late. The tent poles have been badly bent out of shape, as the tent held a lot of very heavy snow.

We all had a good laugh about it. Nobody was too upset; it was a cheap tent and a little bit of snow on your head while you’re warm in the hot tub is kind of nice.

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