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(We had a tornado hit our town in March. While the sirens were going off, we stopped deliveries, but continued the rest of the night through pouring rain. We promise 30-40 minute delivery times)

Customer, calling store: Where the fuck is my driver? My food’s late.

Manager: She’s in your street and should be there in 1-2 minutes. (The order was at 33 minutes).

Me getting there: (her, with open window) About time that bitch got her slow ass here.

Makes me wait 3 minutes in pouring rain. Stiffs me, writing 0.00 in the tip line.

She calls the store again: My food is wrong. My driver was late, I didn’t ask for bacon on the grilled cheese, and you used the wrong fucking chicken.

Manager: I’m sorry. Your order shows you requested bacon, and that’s our normal chicken.

Customer: Well, fine. I did want the bacon. But you’re lying about the chicken. You have other types.

Manager: yes, we also have a smoked pulled chicken.

Customer: What does that even mean? How are customers supposed to know what your food is?

Manager explains the chicken

Customer: well, you’re lying. You have another chicken. I’ve had it. I want that one

Manager: Mame, I’ve been here fsince r 6 years. We’ve never had another chicken. If you can find it online, we’ll make it for you. But I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

Customer (screaming): Well, you’re just a fucking bitch and I order all the time so I deserve free food or I’m never ordering from you fuckers again. You need to go die in hell!!!!

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