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(Not long ago my store added an e-receipt system to our registers. The idea is that a digital copy can be sent to a customer’s email, be easier to look up for returns, and in the process we can also sign them up to receive coupons by email. If they so choose, the system will also let customers take a more traditional paper receipt, or both digital and paper. After the customer pays, my screen on the register displays a prompt for the customer’s email to either look them up or enroll them in the system. Or, if they want just paper receipt, I can cancel out of the prompt. There is no button to skip this. I HAVE to choose one or the other, or else the computer will just stay on that screen forever. Management has also been encouraging us to get people to sign up for the system. However, I get the following exchange far more often than I get anyone actually signing up: )

Me: Would you like an e-receipt today? Or a paper receipt?

Customer: Neither.

Me: *thinking* If that were a viable option, I would have mentioned it! Why is it so hard to pick one of the options I can actually give you?

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