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(I am working in the drive thru at a popular fast food restaurant. the store, like most, has a policy that requires customers to pay for additional dipping sauces.)
Customer: “Can get two [sauces]?”
Me: “Sure, they’re just 50c each.”
Customer: *yelling* “I’ve already paid [amount over $30]! “Why do I have to pay for a couple of sauces!?”
Me: “I’m sorry, but they cost us money too. We lose money each time we give them out for free.”
Customer: *Still yelling* “But I paid [amount]! I should get a couple of sauces!”
Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s out policy. We’re not allowed to give them out for free.”
Customer: “Fine, whatever!”
(The customer hands me some money. As I’m grabbing his sauce and about to ring it up in the register, he angrily drives off, without his sauce or his change. He made such a fuss over it, then ended up leaving without it and paying extra. Thanks for the tip buddy!)

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