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I’m travelling with the ICE to Bremen (Germany), having a seat in 1st class.
In Hannover, a woman with 2 kids board the train and they seat themselves also in my compartment. The 3 seats are reserved and all seems in order.
Then the conductor comes in to see their tickets. When he checks the ticket, the following conversation happens:

Conductor: I’m sorry mam, but your ticket is for the 2nd class, this is the first class.
Woman: yes, but we have a reservation for the 1st class *hands him the reservation for the seats they’re sitting on*.
Conductor: yes, that’s correct. But you still need a ticket for the first class as well.
Woman: I have this reservation for the first class additionally to my ticket, so we may sit here.
Conductor: yes, you have a reservation for these seats in fact. You booked these seperately, but you also need a ticket for the first class itself, your ticket is for the 2nd class.
Woman: I never heard of that.

After some more explenation of the Conductor, the woman seems to understand, that she’s wrong. She and her kids leave for the 2nd class compartments.
To save the honor of the woman: she absolutely acceppted that she’s wrong and didn’t make a big fuss about it. Also the conductor was very understanding, polite and explained everything.

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