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(I work as a personal shopper in a grocery store. Occasionally, a customer will order produce, but they won’t use it for a few days or longer, and it will go bad. Then the customers complain and management tells us to give them a credit. It doesn’t happen very often, since you’re trained to be extra picky when you become a shopper. But one day, this happens.)
Coworker: Oh, (my name), did you hear that we’re supposed to have X-ray vision now?
Me: No. Why?
Coworker: Yesterday, (customer) ordered some iceberg lettuce. Well, apparently, even though it was green on the outside, it was brown in the middle.
Me: Really?
Coworker: Yep. She called and said it was brown on the bottom, and it was brown all in the middle.
Me: It’s always a little bit brown on the bottom, but it was green on the outside? Not at all rusty looking?
Coworker: Yep. Looked totally fine.
Me: So how are we supposed to know that?
Coworker: X-ray vision.
(I’m wondering if the customer didn’t let iceberg lettuce go bad, then she ordered more and complained to get some for free.)

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