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, | Unfiltered | July 25, 2021

I am the clueless customer here.
I was back-to-school shopping with my sister at a big chain store. We decided to buy correction fluid among other supplies. I wanted one bottle for myself as well as one to keep in our home office. My sister wanted correction tape, but it cost $2.50 more. After much debate, she decided to go with the cheaper correction fluid. (If you are keeping count, we intended to buy only 3 bottles of white-out.)
Fast forward to checkout, my sister was watching the cashier scan our items while I was not paying much attention. She thought she saw him scan one package of white-out multiple times and then put it back on the conveyor belt. After we pay and get the receipt, we find we were charged for four white-outs and we only bought three. We checked our bags and only spotted three bottles. My sister tells me what she saw and we assume the cashier forgot he scanned the white out already and mistakenly scanned it a fourth time.
No big deal. We headed to Customer Service to get a refund. I politely explain to the woman that we intended to buy three packages of correction fluid and we were charged for four. The Customer Service agent immediately processes the refund without asking to check our bags; we receive a little over a dollar back.
Back at home, I’m separating our purchases when I realize we have FOUR bottles of white-out. Somehow in all the fuss, a fourth bottle made its way into our cart without either of us noticing. I was thinking, “Oh, s**t. We just stole some white-out.”
I took the bag to my sister and told her to look through it. She starts taking all the correction fluids out and does not immediately notice the problem. I told her to count them and once she does, she too gets an “Oh, s**t,” look on her face.
Don’t worry. We are honest people and the next time we pass by the store we will return the extra white-out with an explanation.

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