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A very harried-looking woman comes up to my desk.

Woman: I need to speak to [nurse]. Where is she?
Me: She’s probably in her office. It’s just past the elevator on the right.
Woman: Fine.

She stomps off and is back a couple of minutes later.

Woman: She’s not answering. Her door is locked.
Me: *looks at phone* Oh, it looks like she’s on the phone right now.
Woman: *snottily* Well why would she have her door locked?!
Me: *blinks* She’s on the phone. It’s probably important and she doesn’t want to be interrupted. *thinking: why is this not obvious??*
Woman: Well I need to talk to her!
Me: *barely manages not to sigh out loud or face palm* You’re welcome to wait and I will let you know when she’s off the phone, then I can let her know you’re here.
Woman: *rolls eyes and sulks back off down the hallway*
Me: Ooookay then…

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