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My husband asks me to pick up some protein powder on my way to a meeting. I’m running late that morning and decide to go by our usual health food store on my way home. As I’m driving to the meeting, I pass a new health food store that’s just opened. Against my better judgement – I am going to be late to this meeting – I decide to whip in. I figure that since I know exactly what I want, I’ll be in and out of the store in less than 2 minutes. As I enter:

Sales assistant: Can I help you find anything?

Me [as I grab hold of the container]: No thanks, I’ve got what I’m after.

I put it on the counter and hold out my debit card.

Sales assistant: Are you a member of our rewards program?

Me [internally groaning since I should have anticipated this from a new store]: Uh, no.

Sales assistant: Would you like to join?

Me: Not right now thanks, I’m late for a meeting and in a tearing rush, sorry!

Sales assistant: Oh but it only takes a few minutes. It’s a great program —

Me: I’m sure it is, but I really don’t have time. Can I just pay for this and go, please?

At this point I notice a steely glint enter her eyes and her smile harden. I know she’s not going to give in that easily but I am now seriously late and kicking myself.

Sales assistant: The thing is, with this program you get a discount on a whole range of new items that —

Me: I’m really in a terrible rush. I just want to pay, and go, PLEASE!

Sales assistant: You know, you could have completed the form by now. It doesn’t take long.

Me: Aaaand I’m out of time. Bye!

With that I turned and fled, without the protein powder. As I sprinted out the door I caught sight of someone coming out of a side office looking appalled. I jumped in my car and as I was fastening my seatbelt a woman tapped on my window. I opened the door and she’s holding the container of protein powder.

Woman: I am SO SORRY about that! I won’t hold you up but please take this with our compliments and I hope this experience doesn’t stop you coming back! Have a great day!

Look, I understand that people who work in retail are trained to increase the customer database by getting people to sign up for these programs – I used to work in retail myself. But pushing the issue to the detriment of a sale seems counter-productive to me! I think I’ll stick with our usual health food store from now on… and not be tempted by diversions when I’m running late!

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