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It was spring 2017, I had recently been promoted to management at a burger place that makes it your way. It was early morning, I was taking one woman’s order when I noticed a couple walk in. The lady got in line. The gentleman was holding a 64 oz insulated cup and headed to the drink station. I thought to myself , “he’s probably getting ice for later” no big deal. He proceeded to pour soda and when I noticed, I politely told him, “Sir, you’re going to have to pay for that”. He got all huffy and got in line with his wife. Shortly after he reached into his wallet, pulled out a dollar and said “I was going to pay for it” and stormed out with his wife. I put the dollar towards the original customers order and apologized she had to see that.

I thought that was the end of it, until I got a phone call from my incompetent GM who proceeded to chew me out for doing my job because apparently they called corporate because I “accused him of stealing”. Shortly afterwards, my DM calls me asking for my side of the story and pretty much backed me up. He told me they ended up getting free meals because of the complaint.

The funny thing is, if the guy would have simply asked me if he can fill it up with soda, I would have gladly told him yes and not charged him for it. Oh well.

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