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This was my second day at my first ever job. One of those food delivery services like ubereats or grubhub comes in and picks up the order. He signs the receipt according to policy. Later, the phone rings and it’s the customer of the delivery order. Another driver comes for the same order. My manager and coworkers handle the situation, but I’m doing other things off to the side in confusion. It was quite a big order, 4 meals total. I don’t know how it was resolved, but another order was made and sent. After work I searched if this happens and with ubereats some drivers steal the food because they’re at a disadvantage and not being paid enough. Frankly, if that person did steal the food, I want to tell him to go screw himself. I have to deal with the anxiety that I can possibly lose this job. I don’t do well in interviews so this job is a blessing.

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