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, | Unfiltered | July 22, 2021

I have two large, but incredibly friendly dogs. My house also has a funny layout, so whenever I order food I make sure to include instructions to the main door and a warning that the dog will bark but are not dangerous.

It’s a Friday night and I order pizza with the usual instructions. However the delivery driver for some reason comes to the side door. Which would have involved him walking right around my property which I find rather unsettling- as do my dogs. Causing them to bark loudly and run to the door which is glass. The driver suddenly backs up about 5 meters and won’t come near the door again.

I quickly get the dogs to sit and be silent. I then go out the door, closing it behind me so the dogs are shut inside. Both sitting with the tongues hanging out, tails wagging, watching through the glass.

The delivery man still wouldn’t come near me and starting screaming about my ‘dangerous dogs’. I advised him that they were currently sitting silent behind a shut door and asked for my dinner.

I also advised him I wasn’t happy about him wandering round my property instead of coming straight up the driveway as advised.

I had to ask several more times for him to give me my food (despite the fact I went and approached him so he wouldnt need to come closer to the door) before him finally left still complaining and saying it was my fault.

I get some people don’t like dogs, especially large ones. But if you can’t handle a silent, happy, dogs sitting behind a closed door, and you can’t follow basic instructions, you shouldn’t be delivering food!

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