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Customer: “can I get the [promotional combo] but can I trade the drink for another fries or something?”

Me: “I’m sorry but I can’t switch the drink to another fry, but I can change the fountain drink to a milk or juice if you like.”

Customer: “I don’t want a drink at all. Can’t you just like, do it anyways?”

Me: “I really can’t.”

Customer: “But I want the deal without the drink!”

Me: “The deal includes the drink, I can’t give you that price otherwise. Let me just check to see if -”

Customer: *cutting me off* “I said I don’t want the drink and its not ****ing fair you want to charge me for it”

Me: “If you had let me finish a moment ago, I was going to see if getting the items separately without the drink is a better price [given the way our promotions usually work, it may not be].”

Customer: “Just get your ****ing manager. This **** is ridiculous.”

The manager comes over and tells the customer the same things I did. He ended up paying for the full combo and not taking the drink. I never did check to see which way was cheaper.

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