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24 Hilarious Stories About Game Of Thrones Fan – Because Winter Is Coming!

| Right | December 21, 2020

Dear readers!

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere, today is the first day of astronomical winter! This might come as a surprise to those who have been braving wintery temperatures for the last few months but just like Jon Snow, we know nothing.

As winter is coming, we’ve decided to round up twenty-four stories from our archives about Game Of Thrones, from the customers who can’t handle season eight, to weddings with questionable music choices! So close the Hodor, shut out that cold, and enjoy our roundup today!



Stark Raving Mad – To be fair, “Winter is near” would have been more accurate for the first five seasons…

Dethroning Assumptions – HB-Oh no he didn’t just be that misogynistic!

The Rains Of Custamere – Now the rains weep o’er his hall, and not a soul to hear…

HB-Woah – If HBO does it, then it’s okay!

All Men Must Serve – Valar Dohaeris but only until six…

Happily Wed, Unhappily RedTechnically the groom survived the red wedding, but we’ll allow it.

Cheating At The Game Of Thrones – Why read a thousand-page book when you can google who dies!

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire And Ice – Everyone will die… before book six and seven come out.

Births, Deaths, And Game-Of-Throne Marriages – After about three seasons nothing can really shock you anymore…

A Cookie Monster Always Pays His Debts – This multi-chapter Game of Thrones/Sesame Street crossover fanfiction is what you needed from the internet today.

It Was A Beautiful Redding – For those who want “til death do us part” come a little bit sooner…

A Lannister Always Pays His Student Debts – How long before the first student realizes that dragons aren’t real?

Harry Potter And The Game Of Thrones – At least Westeros doesn’t have any giant bloody spiders1

Gonna Be Some Dracarys Up In Here… – The nerds are about to take up arms…

You Know Everything, Jon Snow – A teenage girl eviler than any Lannister.

Out Of There Quicker Than You Can Say “Joffrey” – I wouldn’t adopt the Westerosi feudal system as the best management practice…

Ranting Is Coming – This was written before the series finale, so we think the title is prophetic.

The Mother Of The Mother Of Dragons – There are going to be a lot of little girls called Daenerys who hate their name now!

The Winterfell Soldier – To be fair, Marvel movies are more fantasy these days…

Your Bean Counter Is Ticking – Now we need to see that Mr. Bean/Game Of Thrones crossover…

You Know Nothing, Of Jon Snow – Coexisting with customers is even harder than with the families of Westeros…

All Little Girls Dream Of Their Red Wedding – Sure it’s full of violence, nudity, and terrible people, but the dragons are cute!

Solving A Thorny Issue – That must be the cheap knock-off.

These Protestors Are Totally Off The Wall – Worshopping the Gods of Comicon…


We hope you enjoyed this Game-Of-Thrones-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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