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I work at a popular fast food restaurant in a town that’s famous for having the largest out door rodeo. Often nicknamed the Daddy of them All. This brings a lot of…interesting people to my store. One day while I’m working in the drive-thru, a woman pulls up to the window. After I great her she orders one of our more popular meals and asks for a bottle of water for the drink. After I rang up her order, she paused then asked I was charging her for the bottled water.
Me: “yes”.
After a long pause, to which I’m assuming she was considering whether she wanted the bottle or (more likely) trying to see if I would promo her bottled water, she finally said begrudgingly that she would pay.
After pulling around to my window, she couldn’t resist one final try as I’m running her card.
Customer: “you know I dont appreciate that.”
To that I have nothing really to say that wouldn’t be considered rude. So I held my tongue and just gave her back her card. And then I went on my break.

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