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I work as a correctional officer for the state. On this day I was working in Segregation, generally referred to as “the hole” by the public. When an inmate is put into Segregation it is because of them doing things like self harm, being violent/combative etc. You have to really be messing up to get there. We will work with an inmate to avoid being placed there.
Anyways I was handing out trays through the trap on the door when one of the inmates held his trap (he stuck his arm through the trap door and refused to stick it back in. He was claiming that we intentionally lost his page in his book when we searched his cell and therefore he decided to hold the trap.
This was the conversation I had with him to try and get the trap back.

Me: None of us intentionally lost the page in your book. Either way we are sorry, can you please let go of the trap.

Inmate: No, y’all are motherfucking assholes who intentionally messed up my stuff.

Me: Please let go of the trap, we didn’t intentionally mess up your book.

Inmate to my coworker: you get over here so I can punch you in the nuts (attempts to hit my coworker)

coworker(flinches): Don’t do that and get your arm back in your cell.

Inmate looks over at me: Hey you get over here so I can hit you in the nuts too (makes gesture at me to hit me)

Me: First of all you got your anatomy wrong, secondly If you touch me I will seriously mess up the rest of your day. (referring to extending his time in segregation)

Inmate: Ohhhhh I like you. Hey Watts this little lady has some spunk! Hey wanna go on a date.

Me: No

Inmate: Can I have your number?

Me: No

Inmate: Can I have your address?

Me: No

Inmate: Im gunna take you out to eat.

Me: No, you cant afford me. (they make .15 cents an hour)

Inmate: The hell you think I cant afford you. I’m a god damn drug dealer, I can take you out to the fanciest motherfucking place you have ever seen.

Me: No

At which point I walked away and shortly after he pulled his arm into the trap and I slammed the door shut while he wasn’t looking. He was not too happy with that. This is just one day in the life of a CO. That week I was also told I had a fat ass, that a guy wanted to rape my corpse, I had a mans voice and that I was racist. It was only Wednesday.

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