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Its my uncles birthday so we decide to go out for some food and drinks at a local pub which sells food.

I was slightly unhappy at the choice as me and my boyfriend has been previously and the food wasn’t that good but hey ho its a birthday and there are a lot of us going.

Me and my boyfriend like to share starters so he goes for ones thing and I decide on the garlic prawns as so a couple other people on my table.

So everything starts coming out and the prawns arrive, I look in my bowl and shuffle them round a bit and see that quite a lot of them are still blue and the garlic butter is cold.

I ask the other people at my table one who’s prawns are find are the other who’s prawns are also blue. Now I don’t normally do the whole complaining and returning food but there is no way I am having blue prawns.

So the waitress comes and takes away the bowls of cold and uncooked prawns, she comes back 5 minuets late with this conversation;

Waitress “I have spoken to the chef and he is making you some new prawns”

Me “great, do you know how long they will be?”

Waitress “They should be long but he also wanted me to let you know that the prawns were good to eat he tempered them and they were fully cooked”

Me ………….

After she walks away myself and all my family just stare whilst contemplating that we have still more food to come.

It is safe to say not many of us finished our main meals and we will not be attending again.

I mean seriously what kind of chef would even believe that my blue cold prawns were cooked!

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