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(I am a nanny, and I’m taking the boy I watch to a water park for his sixth birthday. He can’t swim very well yet, so I try to keep him in shallow pools. The first thing he wants to do is go down a small slide that has a very small pool just barely taller than him. He happily goes down the slide, but in his excitement he starts to struggle a bit in the pool. I look at the lifeguard next to me and she’s zoning out at nothing. All of a sudden the boy goes under for a solid five seconds, and the lifeguard does nothing. I jump in after him and yank him above water. He’s sputtering and scared. As I ask him if he’s okay the lifeguard decides to speak up.)

Lifeguard: *angrily* Ma’am, you are not allowed in there! I said YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THERE.

(I look up while still dragging the boy to the edge of the pool. She dramatically huffs and rolls her eyes, looking to her coworkers with an irritated expression.)

Me: He was obviously struggling, so I jumped in to save him.

Her: *with attitude* Yeah, I know, and I don’t care. You are not allowed in that pool.

(It took everything I had not to flip out on this woman. I didn’t want to ruin the boy’s birthday by getting kicked out. Later, when I tried to leave a complaint, I was told they don’t have a customer service desk. I will never be going back to that place.)

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